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A Great Quote That Puts Small Taking Small Steps In Perspective

April 7, 2010

Constant Dripping hollows out a stone

~ Lucretius

I looked though a lot of great quotes, but they didn’t give me the image that this quote does. I picture a giant boulder that over thousands of years erodes,  from a consistent supply of dripping water off of a hillside. Millions of drops, one by one, eat away at the massive stone. One drop of water can seem so harmless, but millions can hollow the largest of stones.

This is a great quote that puts some of life challenges in perspective for me. Everything, even water hollowing stone, can be done if given enough time. Persistence is what wins the race. Anything that you can imagine is possible, if you break it down in steps and follow through.

This makes me think about a college education. Four years ago I set out on the journey of higher education. I will complete my bachelors degree next month. As I look back, I see how important advising sheets were important to me. They allowed me to see what i needed to do to complete. Small steps every semester led me to where I am today.

Remember how harmless water is, but how powerful it can be through persistence.